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CenturyLink to Buy Savvis for $2.5 Billion –

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Why is it that everyone I know from #Texas drinks #DrPepper ?

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I gotta get this thing! #iRobot

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Why Do People Stay at Their Jobs? Take the Poll!

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Why Do People Stay at Their Jobs?

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“Why do people stay at their jobs?”

This is a questions that has intrigued me for decades (at least 2 of them since I started working myself). We all HAVE to work for the most part. Unless you are independently wealthy or have rich parents you have to get up every day at least five days a week and grind it out at the office, job site, or wherever it is that you call “work.” We do this not because human nature demands it, quite the contrary… we do it for lots of reasons.

  • During wars we work to help out the greater good.
  • We work because of our responsibilities (some self imposed and others imposed upon us).
  • We work because we have to pay the bills and provide food and shelter for ourselves and our families. Maslow’s Hierarchy type stuff you might remember from high school.

There are obviously many more reasons people work but that, my friends, is not what I am wondering about. I am wondering why it is we choose to stay at a specific place or even why we choose a certain line of work to begin with. Many places of business are very challenging and the amount of stress one endures can be severely detrimental over time. Other jobs are extremely dangerous and may eventually kill the worker; Yikes.

Why not become a baker? You even get free food!

How about grocery clerk? Those jobs are even union in most places aren’t they?

My guess is that you probably like what you do at least a little bit or maybe you used to like it at least. You probably like the people there as well. This is the fact the grabs my attention the most; the people. It is the people that make a place wonderful or unbearable. It is the people that make a place successful or terribly unprofitable.

It’s the people that make a place… period.

A person will stay in a place with less than suitable pay because of great people. They will even endure long hours and very tough situations because of the wonder of good relationships. This leads me to my next question however… for how long?

As the economy brightens and changes for the better (it is happening, not fast but it’s happening) will people continue to stay or will they move on to “greener” pastures? This is the question I now pose to you. As the economy changes and new opportunities open up will you continue to stay at your current job or will you entertain the idea of moving on?

You tell me!

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Why Straightforward Salespeople Close More Deals

Why Straightforward Salespeople Close More Deals –

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